2012 - 2013
at "Michael Cacoyannis" Foundation

An original exhibition of three lovers of the arts who have sought to present the signs of the times through their works. In December 2012, Eri Stai/Jewelry Designer, Costas Pitsios/Photographer, and Alice Kritseli/Psychologist came together and shared their creations, emotions and solidarity.
At 'SHARING', objects/items were available to those interested, in exchange for something they loved and a statement as to what it meant to him/her. In other words, how does modern man react to an invitation for a gift by the artist, asking only for him/her to communicate their feelings and thoughts about this experience in their own manner?
'SHARING', an interactive exhibition where artists and the general public jointly expressed a unique and new way of SHARING, removed from profits and personal gain.
The items, reactions, and verbal exchanges collected were the basis of what SHARING ultimately means for man in late 2012 and the dawn of 2013. On the occasion and through our love for every art form, but because of your active and rewarding participation, we hope to have given a new dimension to the concept of SHARING..To Share...

Greek Design=Good Design

28.11 - 2.12.2013

Following a competition organized by the industrial property organisation (OBI) and the Office for harmonisation in the internal market (OIIM) aiming at the enhancement and promotion of "design" that is created in Greece, organized the exhibition "GREEK DESIGN=GOOD DESIGN".
Addressed to all: designers - creators, entrepreneurs, innovation, people's press representatives, Greeks, foreigners, large audience of all ages. Included approximately 300 creations 140 about their disciplines involving designer of jewelry, clothing, packaging, furniture and daily, useful object.

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