My name is Eri, and it doesnʼt matter what I wanted to be when I grew up..

what is important is that I became what I wanted, WHEN I grew up ...

About 9 years ago, I started designing and creating jewelry continuously experimenting with different materials ... Until about 4 years later, I saw the 3D printing on the internet ... something that even now seems strange to me although I have 3D-creating for over 3 years

The three dimensional (3D printing) is a method of prosthetics in which objects are made by sequentially adding layers of material.
Three types of material can be used in three-dimensional printing. In the machine I have in my possession I can use standardized or even experimental materials based on ABS & PLA, which can also contain metals such as copper, brass, carbon, wood, pla, ABS.
Everything is made from scratch and the designs are unique. Many times, in the final result, I may add a number of other materials to make it even more special and original, such as cement and glass resin.

My name is Eri and I canʼt wait to meet you, and share my creations with you!

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